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Da long yin
Da long yin Ref: AN05012

"Great dragon seal" is an extraordinary cubic ink bar reproducing in real size an ancient imperial seal. It is adorned with the mythical avatars of the dragon on all four sides (phoenix, turtle, etc.) executed with exceptionally meticulous relief. The button bears two stylized tigers competing for a giant pearl.

Dating from the Ming dynasty, the object has some surface cracks which testify to its age. Unique piece, of museum quality, probably from Hu Kaiwen's old workshop.

Dimensions 90 x 80 x 80 mm, weight 710 gr. In box.


Price : 700,00 € Including Tax

Da xiao long
Da xiao long Ref: AN05011

Old ink, whose name can be translated as "large and small dragons". Disc-shaped, elegant decor of four dragons amid clouds, dancing around a beautiful "large" character (da) on the front, and on the back "small" (xiao), heavily gilt (a few chipped parts on one of them, see first photo). Remains of perfume. Unique. Qing Dynasty.

Size 14 x 103 mm, net weight 142 g.

Close up on the back and its character "da", large.


Price : 500,00 €

Chu shi yun
Chu shi yun Ref: AN05001

Very important and strikingly sober inkstick of noble quality. Its name can be translated by "Cloud touching the mountain" or "The cloud strikes the rock." Oblong with rounded side edges, elegant decor clouds on all surface but the base and top, and gold engraved name on the front, inscription on the back: "xiao shan hua ren", also golden. The summit also bears an inscription in low relief, which says the city of origin, Huicheng, the name of the workshop (Jian gu zhai, "Mirror of tradition"), and attests the high quality of soot used. Wonderful fragrance. A unique piece. Ming Dynasty.

This particular inkstick was chosen to illustrate the cover of the book "Le Trésor des Lettrés" Imprimerie nationale Editions in France, 2010.


Detail: the character Yun, "cloud".

Size 69 x 196 x 27 mm, net weight 494 g.

Price : 1 000,00 €

Calligraphy Catalog | ANTIQUES | Oriental Antiques |  Inksticks


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