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Oriental Antiques

While traveling in China since the years of the "Cultural revolution" our founder and the company have been lucky to acquire and protect works and objects dating back to before the Republic (1911). They were purchased at the now closed State offices in Peking and Shanghai where famous experts had found a political refuge. Most of the pieces in our collections would be difficult to find nowadays except at auctions sales organised by the best specialists such as Sotheby's ou Christie's.

Western Antiques

Calligraphy tools were invented and manufactured by inspired users more than by marketing ingeneers. That's why their offering by the shops of the past was short and that we have to make big efforts to find some nowadays.

Calligraphy Catalog |  ANTIQUES


Received recently:
  1. Xuan in small sheets (Ref: CA06164)
  2. Twelve yanliao in inksticks (Ref: CA02022)
  3. Astounding brush, horse and wood (Ref: CA01234)
  4. Brush rack, dragon design (Ref: CA04080)
  5. "The Nine Immortals" colour set (Ref: CA02028)
  6. Writing set M (Ref: CA05005)
  7. Mazikeng S (Ref: CA03530)
  8. Zhuabi with a wooden handle, S (Ref: CA01060)
  9. Important "tibi" brush (Ref: CA01300)
  10. Bear hair brush (Ref: CA01345)
  11. Writing set, oval (Ref: CA05015)
  12. Seal wooden vice (Ref: CA07001)

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