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American ruling pen
American ruling pen Ref: BA05000

Strong and efficient "ruling pen", as created for cursive and modern calligraphy. Made from two adjustable brass blades, Oregon pine handle, by an unsurpassable American craftsman. A beautiful and professional object indeed

Total length 190 mm

Price : 60,00 € Including Tax


Swedish ruling penSwedish ruling pen Ref: BA05050

Stainless steel adjustable ruling pen. Its large and thick head allows all kinds of mediums for strikingly creative lines, such as the followers of Friedrich Poppl (1923-1982) do.

NB It seems that this excellent tool won't be produced anymore

School ruling penSchool ruling pen Ref: BA05040

Traditional school ruling pen for accute drawing strokes and, specifically, Roman capital letters. Made in Germany from stainless steel with a black plastic handle. Total length 115 mm

Price : 3,50 € Including Tax


Folded ruling pen
Folded ruling pen Ref: BA05010

The "Cola Pen" idea but made comfortable, strong and professional. Brass and black plastic

Total length 195 mm, of the nib 30 mm

Price : 35,00 € Including Tax


Calligraphy Catalog | WESTERN CALLIGRAPHY | Special nibs with holder |  Ruling pens etc.


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