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* How fascinating: see the work of our new friend Dan Mooney.

* For a vertigo sensation, you may dive into Cynthia hurricane.

* In search of new professional friends you should be pleased to knock at these doors : Abdallah Akar, Claude Mediavilla, Monica Dengo, Hassan Massoudy, Brody Neuenschwander, John Stevens,, Laurent Pflughaupt, Michel d'Anastasio, Kitty Sabatier, Bruno Riboulot, Marine Porte de Sainte-Marie, Serge Cortesi, Wa.

* Mohamed Zakariya is an astounding hand even before old Arabic calligraphers' eyes. And here is a bridge between Avignon and theNew World.

* Highly recommanded is SOS to settle in NYC, not to be mistaken for SOSI (may open fantastic doors: The Calligraphy Residency at the V&A, supported by the Society of Scribes and Illuminators, has been awarded to our friend Cherrell Avery, fellow member).

* We now welcome: Caligrafia en Perù, the classic CLAS, the classy ArtDesy, An Art Directory.

* These years' gold medal for energy goes to Massimo Polello, in Torino. When in Dublin, call on Denis, North London is the place of Cherrell Avery. By the way our logo was just created by Lazar Dimitrijevic, born in 1981, who lives in Kragujevac, Serbia.


Received recently:
  1. Celadon porcelain bitong (Ref: AN04001)
  2. Twelve yanliao in inksticks (Ref: CA02022)
  3. Astounding brush, horse and wood (Ref: CA01234)
  4. Brush rack, dragon design (Ref: CA04080)
  5. "The Nine Immortals" colour set (Ref: CA02028)
  6. Writing set M (Ref: CA05005)
  7. Mazikeng S (Ref: CA03530)
  8. Zhuabi with a wooden handle, S (Ref: CA01060)
  9. Packfung ink box (Ref: AN04700)
  10. Bear hair brush (Ref: CA01345)
  11. Writing set, oval (Ref: CA05015)
  12. Porcelain brush stand (Ref: AN04501)

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