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Bijia / brush rest

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Zitan Art déco brush holderZitan Art déco brush holder Ref: AN04506

Rare and important zitan brush holder representing a rich decoration of stylized Art Deco mountains.

Dimensions 265x50x58 mm, 370 g. Unique piece.

Price : 750,00 € Including Tax


Celadon brush standCeladon brush stand Ref: AN04500

Mountain-style brush stand with five peaks in porcelain in a delicate celadon shade; a vague and indefinable decor appears under the glaze.

Dimensions 95x12x60 mm, 56 g. Unique piece.

Price : 250,00 € Including Tax


Porcelain brush standPorcelain brush stand Ref: AN04501

Spectacular brush stand with five high blue peaks, on a base imitating a bronze base (the peak on the far right has undergone a small restoration, price reduced accordingly).

Dimensions 82x24x90 mm, 84 g. Unique piece.

Price : 150,00 € Including Tax


Antique jade brush standAntique jade brush stand Ref: AN04502

Very curious and extremely rare brush holder carved from antique jade (so-called "fat jade") and mounted on a carefully worked silver base decorated with bats. This type of jade is generally called "Han"; the assembly dates from the Qing. Curious stamp under the base: "shang shang zu", literally "go up, go up, foot"!

Dimensions113x20x55 mm, 158 g. Unique piece.

Price : 600,00 € Including Tax


Songkeng brush restSongkeng brush rest Ref: AN04503

Brush rest carved from Songkeng stone, from which expensive inkstones are usually made in the Duan region. At the foot of the peaks nestles a long house between two groves; the same decoration is made on the reverse.

Dimensions 130x40x63 mm, 348 g. Unique piece.

Price : 350,00 € Including Tax


Zitan brush rest Zitan brush rest Ref: AN04504

Superb brush holder of zitan (pterocarpus santalinus), a very rare black wood. It is carved like a mountain with three peaks crowned with delicate trees; in the center a waterfall emerges. The whole is worked with great art and a certain sensuality.

Dimensions 155x43x120 mm, 252 g. Unique piece.

Price : 600,00 € Including Tax

Zitan brush rest Zitan brush rest Ref: AN04505

Very unusual zitan brush stand made up of three shrubs with bent branches. An inscription runs on the base.

Dimensions 155x55x117 mm, 332 g. Unique piece.

Price : 600,00 € Including Tax


Large and precious yumu brush rest
Large and precious yumu brush rest Ref: AN04507

Gorgeous and important brush holder made of slippery elm wood or bloodwood (zi yumu), which is a rare wood, prohibited for export. In a deep orange color, this brush holder presents a great richness of ornamentation: mountains in the pictorial style, buildings, temples, bridges and characters including a fisherman, etc. Very pretty patina, museum quality object.

Dimensions 260x70x80 mm, 338 g. Unique piece.

Price : 950,00 € Including Tax


Calligraphy Catalog | ANTIQUES | Oriental Antiques | Accessories  |  Bijia / brush rest


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