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Metal dip nibs

A metal nib has to be put on a penholder (see Accessories). It can be of many shapes: square, round, sharp, and its metal may give various levels of flexibility, therefore different kinds of lines, each of them suitable for writing and drawing. There were thousands of nib makers one century ago. They are five only today

Special nibs with holder

Invented early in the XXth century to ease grocers' making their price tags more striking, these intelligent tools are only used today by calligraphers

Parallel Pens and other fountain pens

Square cut nibs come also on special fountain pens using ink cartridges for professional practicing as well as everyday use. Above: our calligraphic fountain pen's 1.5 nib.

Various non metal tools

Traditional tools come from bird or goose feathers and from reeds; but modern tools also exist, easing the path for beginners


Special tools for calligraphy and lettering, the best markers are made in Japan (because of the nib fiber higher density and deeper quality of ink)

Writing ink

Since the beginning our writing ink is made in England after our special specifications at a small factory which used to supply Queen Victoria as well as Jack the Ripper. We offer 24 subtle colours, suitable for school, correspondance and calligraphy day-to-day work, quills, nibs as well as for fountain-pens

Besides, poor or shy students like to use our concentrated "brou de noix" or Walnut stain

Permanent ink

Several kinds of ink and various liquid stuff are used by Western calligraphers and designers, depending on their skill, imagination or habits

Surfaces for Western calligraphy

From papyrus to paper through parchment: surfaces for writing are the mirror of ages and civilizations

Calligraphy accessories

A section for all necessary implements such as blotters, cleaners, storage boxes and many kinds of penholders, etc. (it's always better to use the penholder produced by the nib makers)

Calligraphy Catalog |  WESTERN CALLIGRAPHY


Received recently:
  1. Celadon porcelain bitong (Ref: AN04001)
  2. Twelve yanliao in inksticks (Ref: CA02022)
  3. Astounding brush, horse and wood (Ref: CA01234)
  4. Brush rack, dragon design (Ref: CA04080)
  5. "The Nine Immortals" colour set (Ref: CA02028)
  6. Writing set M (Ref: CA05005)
  7. Mazikeng S (Ref: CA03530)
  8. Zhuabi with a wooden handle, S (Ref: CA01060)
  9. Packfung ink box (Ref: AN04700)
  10. Bear hair brush (Ref: CA01345)
  11. Writing set, oval (Ref: CA05015)
  12. Porcelain brush stand (Ref: AN04501)

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