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Bitong / brush pot

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Elaborate wooden bitong Elaborate wooden bitong Ref: AN04000

Very beautiful brush pot in zitan (pterocarpus santalinus), hardwood of very dark red brown.
The characteristic of successful bitongs is the curb of the profile, which allows the brushes contained to flourish in a bouquet, an effect guaranteed by the removable button located at the base.
This copy is decorated with a poem in cursive inscribed in hollow, which shows slight traces of gold paint. It is signed and dated (dyn. Qing).

Height 140 mm, diameter 145 and 135 (115 when opened), net weight 1,010 g. Unique piece.

Price : 750,00 € Including Tax


Celadon porcelain bitongCeladon porcelain bitong Ref: AN04001

Delightful celadon porcelain brush pot with an open-work bat decoration.

Dimensions100x112 mm, 510 g. Sigillary seal at the base. Unique piece.

Price : 300,00 € Including Tax


Bronze bitong
Bronze bitong Ref: AN04002

Extraordinary bronze brush pot with double "en abyme" carving, showing scholars playing chess, landscape, trees and mountains. The exterior surface is perforated so as to allow the decorations to be seen in the background, as if in the distance. Object of meditation as well as utility.

Dimensions 100x125 mm, 998 g. Kaishu seal under the base, saying "Daming Xuande wunian jiandu gongbu guanchen Wu Bangzuo zao": made for the Ministry of Works under the supervision of Wu Bangzuo in the fifth year of Xuande, i.e. 1430. This mention is apocryphal and is found on reproductions made in the 18th century. Unique and extremely rare piece, museum quality.

Price : 950,00 € Including Tax


Calligraphy Catalog | ANTIQUES | Oriental Antiques | Accessories  |  Bitong / brush pot


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