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Packfung ink box

"Packfung" is a dialect pronunciation of "baitong", white copper, which is nickel silver.
Portable inkwells are made from this material. They contain a mattress of silk floss impregnated with ink you have prepared in advance. To prevent it from rotting, the bottom of the box is always made of red copper. Many models of these inkwells existed in the 19th century, generally very decorated, they appear in renowned collections.

Shuidi / water dropper

A few well-measured drops of water are enough to relax the ink on the flat surface of the stone. Chinese and Japanese craftsmanship is prolific in tiny, always refined jugs, made in all kinds of materials. They are called "drops of water", shuidi in Chinese, suiteki in Japanese.

Bijia / brush rest

An essential accessory for the Chinese or Japanese artist, the brush holder allows you to take a break (change of leaf, meditation, adding water to the stone, etc.) thanks to its notche) which prevent the instrument from rolling and smudging . Countless, rich and curious models exist, the most natural being, obviously, that inspired by mountains, with three or five peaks, sometimes more.

Bitong / brush pot

Vase made of precious wood, bronze or porcelain which accommodates a collection of brushes once they are completely dry (the brush gantry is first used for this purpose). The bitong most coveted by scholar-philosophers are those from China, made from a single piece of hard wood (hongmu, zitan, etc.).

Yatate / portable writing set

This Japanese word also means "quiver". It is a miniature writing case which slips into the belt of the kimono and which contains a pad soaked with ink, a brush, sometimes a sheet of paper and a paper knife. Inspired by sword craftsmanship, the art of making yatate was due to goldsmiths in their specialty (however, we can find yatate made of bamboo, wood and horn, which are rarer). Precious or rustic, each piece is obviously unique, and it bears traces of use.

Calligraphy Catalog | ANTIQUES | Oriental Antiques |  Accessories


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