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Calligraphy Catalog | ARABIC AND HEBRAIC CALLIGRAPHY |  Surfaces for Arabic and Hebraic

Rhodia squared pad A3 Rhodia squared pad A3 Ref: PA07000

Large pad of glazed paper, squared 5 x 5 mm. A3 size, so that beginners have 42 cm lines for practicing their strokes

A 100 sheets pad opening on the large side

Price : 12,00 € Including Tax


"C à grain" pad, A3 Ref: PA07071

A Canson product, 29,7 x 42 cm (11.7x16.5 in), 30 sheets, 125 g/m² (76.8 lb)
Designed for many purposes (see manufacturer's notice) it is perfectly suitable for creative calligraphy


Price : 14,90 € Including Tax


Calligraphy pad 30x40Calligraphy pad 30x40 Ref: PA07055

Pad of 25 sheets 130 g, "Hollande" paper (Dutch style, made in Holland by the old Schut factory), which has a smooth, hot pressed, surface and a nice ivory colour. The pulp is 100 % wood but has received a basic anti-aging filler.Highly suitable for the nib, as good for the copperplate style as for Hebrew or Arabic writing

Price : 25,00 € Including Tax


Arches HP or Arches HP or "satiné" Ref: PA06218

Natural white paper, 100% cotton, tub sized and air-dryed, with a very fine surface ("hot pressed") for a perfect effect

300g, 560 x 760 mm, four deckle edges and watermarks

Where to order
Price : 8,50 € Including Tax

Parchment sheetParchment sheet Ref: PA04665

Cut out of the best lamb skin, white and thin, without no major flaws nor grain. A sheet is approximately 200 x 180 mm (thickness and stiffness vary)

Price : 17,50 € Including Tax


Processed special paperProcessed special paper Ref: PA04000

Special sheet of art paper, the front of which is treated for calligraphy with calamus, according to traditional recipe: manual surfacing with two layers of wheat starch, polishing once dry, then coating with two layers of egg white mixed with alum powder, respecting a minimum drying time between two layers of 24 hours. Indelible inks recommended. The image shows a test of lines in diwani and the light yellow hue of this paper. Size 30 x 42 cm, weight 130 g/sqm

Price : 15,00 € Including Tax



This product was born seven thousand years ago in Egypt but it is still manufactured the same way on the Nile banks and always as a good surface for writing. You should use hard and large tools together with acryl based inks so that drawing and writing has the best effect. NB Due to the way of making it, not two sheets are the same. That's a part of the pleasure.

Papyrus 40x60Papyrus 40x60 Ref: PA04605

A genuine papyrus sheet of roughly 400 x 600 mm

Where to order
Price : 10,00 € Including Tax

Papyrus 30x40Papyrus 30x40 Ref: PA04610

A genuine papyrus sheet of roughly 300 x 400 mm

Price : 6,00 € Including Tax


Papyrus 25x34Papyrus 25x34 Ref: PA04616

A genuine papyrus sheet of roughly 250 x 340 mm

Price : 4,00 € Including Tax


Papyrus 20x30Papyrus 20x30 Ref: PA04615

A genuine papyrus sheet of roughly 200 x 300 mm

Price : 3,00 € Including Tax


Papyrus 23x23Papyrus 23x23 Ref: PA04614

A genuine papyrus sheet of roughly 230 x 230 mm

Price : 3,00 € Including Tax


Calligraphy Catalog | ARABIC AND HEBRAIC CALLIGRAPHY |  Surfaces for Arabic and Hebraic


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